Welcome to our archived website – our new church site is: allhallowsnorthgreenford.org

If in your days there is a moment to fill,
please pray for us, as we will pray for you.
Those we have loved stay always on our hearts.
Never forget us at All Hallows.
Remember us! Remember us!
For we will remember you.

(Anne Szczepanska)


Greetings to you from the Parish Church of All Hallows North Greenford.

Please enter this website with respect for those who have participated in it and with anticipation that you will find what you need,
using the menus below to navigate the site.
Enjoy reading the articles and meeting the people, and find encouragement from the stories we wish to share with you.
Please make contact with us if there is anything we can do to help you.
Blessings upon you and those whom you love.
The Revd. Pamela Heazell    Vicar