A Farewell to Rev Mark Dean

Sunday 13th January saw the final service at All Hallows for the Rev Mark Dean, who as curate at the church was moving on to pastures new as a university chaplain.  Having become a firm favourite with all parts of the congregation, he will be missed, as will Erika and Anna, who also attended the service on the 13th.

Written by our poet-in-residence, Anne Szczepanska, the following poem was read out at the end of the service and is published here:

Remember us!

Whilst we were watching, you, brother in Christ,

Have grown in stature, as both man and priest,

Privileged to see your metamorphosis

As a guiding spirit emerged with trembling wings,

Butterfly-like in its brilliant newness,

Bursting with colour and the joy of life.

Mark, never lose that wonderful sincerity,

That ‘Joie de vivre’ that a blesséd soul has,

For we have loved you as a familiar friend.

We have seen God’s grace in your smile.

We have sung with you, we have laughed with you

And the Light of the Lord was there.

If in your days there is a moment to fill,

Please pray for us, as we will pray for you.

Those we have loved stay always on our hearts.

Never forget us at All Hallows.

Remember us! Remember us!

For we will remember you.

Anne Szczepanska

January 13th 2013

As is the custom at All Hallows, a celebratory buffet was held afterwards and the Dean family was sent off in good style. We hope to see them from time to time in the future, living as they do a little way along the canal into London.


Mark and family at their final service

Mark and family at their final service