Original All Hallows chair dedications

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Reproduced by kind permission of the artist, Madeleine Brennan

Presented by

Mrs M. Allen
Miss O. Alsworths
Mr and Mrs Andrew
S. W. B.
F. A. B.
F. K. B.
Mr and Mrs Barthram
Mr and Mrs Barthram
Mr and Mrs Bartram and family
Mrs Berbage
Mrs Binckes
Mrs Borthwick
Mr and Mrs Bowley
Miss Marjorie Brown
Mr and Mrs W. M. Bunkell
Frank Bunkell as a thanks offering
W. E. Burgess
W. A. S. R.N. Butler
W. L. Butler
W. A. C.
G. A. C.
N. W. C.
D. A. C.
E. C. ( 2X )
A. C.
Mr and Mrs Carter and Family ( X 7 )
Mr and Mrs Challenor
Mr and Mrs Chilmaid
Mr and Mrs Coomes and family
M. B. E. D.
L. D. ( 2X )
J. D. Jnr ( 2X )
M. B. E. D. D.
J. D. ( 2X )
A. D . ( 2X )
Dudley Deacon
Mrs Dover and family
Mr Dye Martin
E. E.
Elfreda Edwards
Hilda Edwards
K. G.
Mr and Mrs Garnham
Mr and Mrs Gear ( X2 )
Mrs George ( 2X )
Mr and Mrs Goodey
Mr and Mrs Gowers
Mr and Mrs Gray ( 2X )
Mr and Mrs Graystone
5th Greenford Scouts ( 3X )
Miss A. Harvey
E. Hearne
Miss Hill
Mr and Mrs Howes
Kathleen S. Howes
Sheila M. Howes
E. and B. Hughes
Mr and Mrs Hurford
Mr and Mrs Hutchby
B. J.
Mrs Jacques
Mrs D.V. Kay
Miss D.H. Kay
Mr J. Kay
M. L.
E. L.
R. J. L.
M. L.
B. J. L.
Mr and Mrs Leighton ( 2X )
Mr and Mrs Lennie
H. M.
F. M.
Mrs and Miss Madden
Mrs Mann
Mr and Mrs Mannock
Mr and Mrs Martin ( X2 )
Miss L. P. Miles
Miss G. E. Mitchell
Mr and Mrs Morgan
Brian Morley
Mr and Mrs Randall
Mrs Randall ( 2X )
Greta Roberts
Muriel Roberts
Mr and Mrs W.F.H. Russel
R. Samels
Mrs Saunders
Mrs Scott
John Shakespeare
Mr Sherwood
Mrs Sherwood
Gordon Sherwood
Mrs Sinfield
Mr and Mrs Skelton
M. D. Skipper
Mrs Smith
Mr Stephens
John Stevens
Margaret Stevens
Mrs Stevens
Mr and Mrs J. E. Thomas
Mr and Mrs Trimnell ( 2X )
Mr and Mrs Tullock
D. H. W. July 4th 1941
L5 Wardens Ealing ( 2X )
by Wardens of Post K. 5.
Miss A. Weightman
Mr and Mrs Wiggs ( 2X )
Leonard Wilcox
Mrs J. J. E. Willson
Sgt H. S. T. Willson
Mr and Mrs and Barbara Wilson ( X2 )
Mr G. F. Wilson
Mrs E. T. Wilson
David Wilson
Mr and Mrs Wise
Mr Wooster in memory of
Confirmation 7.7.33
Mrs Wright

In Memory of

Arthur and William Arbon killed 1914
Alan Bailey
G. F. Bedmore
F. M. Bedmore
Benjamin killed flying at Northolt September 1920 aged 23
Edith Florence Bennett
Brother ( 2 X )
Robert Osmond Brown
William Bull at rest 10th Sept 1932
Albert Edward Bull ( 2X )
Isabel Hemming Calvert
Francis Harold Chamberlain
Ernest Charles Chamberlain
Clem ( 2X )
In memory of our infant daughter Mr and Mrs Colwell
Mrs H. A. Corney
Pamela Ann Joan Cornwell Aged 5 4.5.37
Fred Cresswell
J. Cumming
Jim Digby lost at sea
D. and P.
my Sister L. D.
David Daniels
Elizabeth Daniels
Dear ones passed away J.M. ( 2X )
In loving memory of Dolly
Father V. M.
Oliver Peter Fawkes
John Fawkes
W. E. Fellows
Leslie Earl Giles
Mrs E. Gould
John Thomas Green
Gladys Myra Hamlin
Frederick Hawley
Henry killed in action September 1940 aged 30
Herman Howes at rest 29th April 1937
Florence Miriam Jacques
R. J. K.
L. G.
F. H. M.
Frank MacDonald
Edith Marson
T.J. Meddings 1938
Louisa Montague 2nd February
1950 ( 2X )
Annie Jane Morgan
Mother of A.E.P.
Mother ( 2X )
Mother E. C. H.
of Mum and Dad
Graham Lewis Parish
Timothy William Punshon February 1944
G.A. Randall
W. T. Rose
Aunt Rose
J. G. Rowe
Charles Oswell Parry Hoberts Ser
Hannah Shaw
Peter Tyler
George Tyler
L. B. W.
Edward Weston 6.7.39
Jack Wise


Greenford memories , presented by N. Deane
In grateful thanks W. G.
To Joe 8th Greenford Scouts
To Wally 8th Greenford Scouts
Mrs A Milledge thanks offering
Presented Anonymously
To the Glory of God for Primary Sunday School ( 2X )
With thanks for Richard from W.G. K.M. Forbes
In special grateful thanks
To the Glory of God for Sunday School ( 2X )
In gratitude for teaching in Church Sunday School H. P.
R.I.P. L. A. C. Wood love Doris and son
R.I.P. L. A. C. Wood Mum Dad Phil Kath
R.I.P. L.A.C. Wood Love wife and girls
R.I.P. L. A. C. Wood Love many friends