Mission Statement

All Hallows Mission Statement

‘Revealing God’s love in the heart of the community’

All Hallows Mission Action Plan

Embracing a caring approach
identify need for lifts to church
identify needs of neighbours/parishioners
create list of volunteers
identify skills/gifts/abilities

Being tolerant
accepting others opinions and faiths
working at interfaith events and building links
increasing respect of other faith groups
valuing the contributions of everybody

Managing our buildings and resources for the present and future
respectful of green issues and conservation
energy consumption monitoring
regular building and grounds inspection and maintenance
implementing our 5 year quinquennial plan and prioritisation

Managing our financial resources
maintaining our Common Fund payments
promoting and encouraging stewardship
fundraising and generating new ideas
prioritising our financial commitments

Publicity and informing the parish
maintaining the website
poster ministry
booklet creation and distribution
magazine production and content, and encouraging contributions

Fundraising and outreach events
volunteers and building teams
involve hall users
identify new ideas, and expanding and developing contacts
whole church family establishing ownership of events
encouraging commitment and leadership

Last Amended: 04/14
All Hallows PCC